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Chanchal K. Roy is Director of the industry-stream, multi-University NSERC CREATE graduate program on Software Analytics Research (SOAR), Co-Director of Software Research Lab (SRLab) and Professor of Software Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan (USask), Canada. As the lead author of the widely used NiCad code clone detection system, he has published more than 230 refereed publications, with many of them in premier software engineering conferences and journals that have been cited more than 11,500 times with an h-index of 50 (Google Scholar). Dr. Roy works in the broad area of software engineering, with particular emphasis on software clone detection and management, software evolution and maintenance, recommender systems in software engineering, and big data analytics in software engineering. His contributions to the software maintenance community, and particularly to the software clones community have been highly influential, winning three Most Influential Paper awards at SANER 2018, ICPC 2018 and SANER 2021. He has been recognized with the New Scientist Research Award of the College of Arts and Science at USask, the University wide New Researcher Award, GSA Advising Excellence Award and a 2018 Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Award by CS-Can/Info-Can. Dr. Roy was a vision keynote speaker at WCRE/CSMR 2014 on software clones, and a keynote speaker at IWSC 2018, IEEE R10HTC 2018, BIM 2021, STI 2021, Confluence 2023, BIM 2023 and Confluence 2024. He has attracted over $6M in external funding since joining the USask, including an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Grant, NSERC CREATE grant, CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund (CFI-JELF) grant and leading major roles in two CFREF grants in Food Security and Water Security. His work on a new way of searching Stack Overflow was featured in Stack Overflow blogs which then subsequently was featured in most of the major tech news websites and blogs such as ACM Tech news, TechRepublic, Hacker News, SD Times, and reddit. 

Chanchal Roy, PhD
Department of Computer Science,
University of Saskatchewan
Thorvaldson 176
110 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7N 5C9

Email: chanchal DOT roy AT usask.ca
Phone: (306) 966-4163
Fax: (306)-966-4884
Office: Thorvaldson 281.4