Welcome to Code Clone Detection, Analysis and Management Literature

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This page is intended to be the one-stop-shop for code clone (or Software clone) detection, analysis and management literature. Readers will possibly find the latest list of  publications, tools and other related literature on software clones. Of course, this would be only possible if we all as a community come forward to meet this goal. Currently, we have a tentative list so far we are aware of. In particular, we made used of the citations of our clone related articles until May 2020, the citations of a few other widely cited surveys,  the references of our technical report (Roy and Cordy, 2007), and Robert Tairas’ decade old clone literature. Furthermore, we used Google search with different terms of clones and added any publications we found to this page. We attempted to provide a comprehensive coverage of the last 45 years of clone related literature dating back in 1975 when a linear space algorithm for computing maximal common subsequences was proposed by D. S. Hirschberg. However, since no systematic process has been followed in gathering the publications, this literature page is no way complete.  If you find your work or an article that you are aware of is missing, please submit the BibTex of that article via this website here. Furthermore, I will keep watching any Google Scholar notifications of any new citations of our articles and add to this page. I will also keep following the highly active clone researchers and add their publications in this page. This page is currently maintained by Chanchal Roy. If you would like to draw urgent attention to something regarding this you can email to Chanchal DOT Roy AT usask DOT ca. We will then add this to the right place in this page.