Current PhD Candidates
  Amit Mondal (co-supervised with Dr. Chanchal Roy)
Debasish Chakroborti (co-supervised with Dr. Chanchal Roy)
Shamima Yeasmin (co-supervised with Dr. Chanchal Roy)
Sara Kassani (co-supervised with Dr. Ralph Deters)
Current MSc Candidates
  Hamid khodabandehloo (co-supervised with Dr. Chanchal Roy)
Zonayed Ahmed (co-supervised with Dr. Chanchal Roy)
Michael Beyene (co-supervised with Dr. Christopher Dutchyn)
Current Research Staff
  Dr. Manishankar Mondal, Postdoctoral Fellow
C M Khaled Saifullah, System Analyst/Data Scientist
Muhammad Mainul Hossain, Senior Data Scientist/Research Scientist
Moksedul Islam, Contract Programmer
Mredul Hasan, Contract Programmer
Sultan Mohammad, Contract Programmer
Victor Loyinmi, Summer Intern
Previous PhD Students
  Muhammad Asaduzzaman (2018, with C. Roy, NSERC PDF at Queen’s University) 
Manishankar Mondal (2017, with C. Roy, faculty member  at Khulna University, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan )
R. Haque (co-supervised with Mark Eramian)
David Callele (co-supervised with Dr. Eric Neufeld)
Andrew Sutherland
Previous MSc Students


Golam Mostaeen (2018, mentored C. Roy/B. Roy, currently Programmer at Gameloft)
Rayhan Ferdous (2018, with C. Roy/Mentored B. Roy, currently Programmer at DeepBios)
Debasish Chakroborti (2019, with B. Roy/C. Roy, currently PhD Candidate at University of Saskatchewan)
Amit Mondal (2017, with mentored B. Roy/C. Roy, currently PhD Candidate at University of Saskatchewan)
Shamima Yeasmin (Sep 2014 -Aug 2014, with C. Roy) (PhD Candidate at University of Saskatchewan)
Sharif Uddin (Sep 2010- March 2014, with C. Roy, Applications Analyst at ISM Canada)
Mohammad Khan (Sep 2010-Oct 2013, with C. Roy, Analyst at ESTI Saskatoon)
Muhammad Asaduzzaman (Jan 2012-Dec 2011, with C. Roy(PhD Candidate at University of Saskatchewan)
Ripon K. Saha (Jan 2010-Dec 2011, with C. Roy) (PhD Candidate at University of Texas at Austin, now at Fujitsu Laboratories of America)
Manishankar Mondal (Jan 2011-Dec 2012, with C. Roy) (PhD Candidate at University of Saskatchewan)
D Notkin (2007-2012) Software Developer, Noodlecake Studio
I Hopkins (2007-2009) Design-Time Performance Testing, Software Engineer Google
X Yang (2005-2007) Towards a Self-Evolving Software Defect Detection Process
J Petrie (2004-2006) Mixed Fidelity Prototyping of User Interfaces
D Paquette (2003-2005) Improving Task Modelling to Support the Co-evolution of Information Systems and Business Processes
N Stavness (2003-2005) Supporting Flexible Workflow Processes with a Progression Model
OA Oladele (2001-2004) Automation Support for Software Architecture Inspection
Previous Research Staff
  Bishal Saha (Summer 2018, with C. Roy/B. Roy)
Paromita Sen Gupta (Summer 2018, with C. Roy/B. Roy)
Shahriar Rahman (Summer 2018, with C. Roy/B. Roy)
Bishal Saha (Summer 2017, with C. Roy/B. Roy)
Parker Neufeld (Summer 2017, with C. Roy/Mentored B.Roy)
Dr. Banani Roy (June 2016-May 2019) Plant Phenotyping
 Previous Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Staff
   Dr. Manishankar Mondal  (February 2017 ongoing, with C. Roy)
Dr. Nicole Nadorozny (August 2012-December 2014) River Health Assessment
Previous Visiting Students
  Rodrigo Fernandes (PhD student from Brazil, 2018 ongoing, with C. Roy)